Spirit Inspired strategies Pt. 4 by Pst. Naomi Ose (Sunday 18th April, 2021)


TEXT: Romans 4:13, Gen 15:4-6, Leviticus 16:1-34’ Hebrews 9:15, Romans 10:1-4, Colossians 1:19-22, Romans 3:3-5, Romans 5:17, Isaiah 54:14-15,


  • The supernatural cannot become effective without the Holy Spirit.
  • The wisdom of God is a person, not a theory.
  • The promise of God will become our reality through righteousness.
  • Strategy: a concise, well-put-together plan to achieve overall success.
  • Righteousness is a gift to experience the character and goodness of God.
  • Righteousness introduces you to who you are; your identity in Christ. You are God in the flesh.
  • You are in the accurate position Jesus is.
  • Nothing happens by mistake with God.
  • Righteousness is a gift and it is imputed through faith.
  • Righteousness signifies everything Jesus died for on the cross.
  • The righteousness of faith exalts you to sit in high positions.
  • Righteousness puts pressure on the sufficiency of God to release everything about God to you.
  • Everything that flourishes is connected to a source. As believers, righteousness is our source.
  • The righteousness of God will not change because of your failure.
  • Everything we are is judged by the righteousness of faith.
  • Righteousness is not a conduct, it is a nature.
  • Righteousness is GRACE in conjunction with FAITH.
  • We reign and rule the systems of this earth through righteousness.
  • To enjoy the gift of righteousness which has come to you by faith, you must conceive it, accept it and show gratitude.


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